Pass My Parcel Unsung Heroes’ campaign launch

Smiths News has launched a national brand campaign for Pass My Parcel, the UK’s pioneering same-day click and collect service. Currently partnered with Amazon, Pass My Parcel allows people to pick up their Amazon deliveries at 3,300 local convenience stores up and down the country – hailing the end of waiting in for deliveries, parcel retrieval from neighbours and sorting offices.

Pass My Parcel Unsung Heroes’ campaign launch

Created by award-winning marketing agency Geometry Global, the ‘Unsung Heroes’ campaign includes outdoor, digital (including, social and supporting content, focusing on local shopkeepers as the cornerstone of the community, now more helpful than ever by accepting deliveries for customers. The work celebrates these community champions with the recognition they deserve:a hero make-over.

To achieve the striking look and feel, retailers who are already operating as Parcel Shops for the brand were photographed in their own stores, then placed against bright, colourful backgrounds with playful comic book motifs. Our first “unsung heroes” come from Slough and surrounding area.

Sarah Todd, Geometry Global CEO, commented:

“More and more brands recognise that convenience plays a large role in determining the purchase decision. Historically, consumer relationships with delivery category brands are non-existent; they’re often just corporate facilitators. Thanks to Pass My Parcel you can collect your deliveries when it’s convenient for you and support your corner shop at the same time. It’s a transformative shopping experience.”

Louise Ryan, Strategy & Business Development Director, Smiths News said:

“The campaign developed with Global Geometry celebrates the simple insight that a community-focused, personal brand would inspire people to buy into Pass My Parcel. The campaign is making heroes of our local shopkeepers, bringing online shoppers back to the local shop and helping make life a little bit easier for today's shopper.”

Visuals created for the unsung heroes campaign can be seen on Pass My Parcel’s website, to view click here.

To find your nearest Parcel Shop, enter your postcode in our store locator here.

The campaign is making heroes of our local shopkeepers, bringing online shoppers back to the local shop and helping make life a little bit easier for today's shopper.”