Smiths News supports National Apprenticeship Week

Smiths News is delighted with the continued success of its own apprenticeship scheme for their warehousing operatives.

Smiths News supports National Apprenticeship Week

To-date Smiths News has had a 99% success rate in the number of apprentices who have been appointed into supervisory or management roles following successful completion of the apprenticeship qualification.  The apprenticeship scheme provides first-class development opportunities for their employees and it is seen as an integral part of the company’s Talent Management Strategy. The scheme goes beyond the required units for the qualification by providing in-house supervisory workshops and work placements for their apprentices throughout the programme. The apprentices receive regular support, training and coaching from their in-house Management Team, the company’s Talent Development Consultants and their own Apprenticeship Champions.

A key factor to the success of the scheme is the way it is supported and led by the local management teams who are based at the company’s depots across the country. Managers make sure that the apprentices experience a scheme that fits the way Smiths News operates whilst providing the structure that the apprentices need to achieve the qualification.

Trish Crichton, a Talent Development Consultant for Smiths News said:

“We encourage our apprentices to visit other Smiths News depots and take part in work-based projects; this not only develops their knowledge of the business, but helps them to begin to build their own professional networks. This is why we believe that the scheme has been so successful.”

“We make sure that our apprentices are involved in a scheme that is truly embedded in the way Smiths News carries out its operations. Our apprentices experience what it is like to work in the different departments in our warehouses including; returns, goods-in, twilight, night operations, day pack and customer service.”

Rhiannon Thompson, 25, an apprentice who has been promoted to Twilight Supervisor at Smiths News depot in Wednesbury said:

”I have enjoyed being an apprentice. I’ve learnt about all the operational side of the business. I’ve got a lot out of the apprenticeship scheme as it has given me the confidence boost I needed to further my career in Smiths News. My plans at the moment are to learn as much as I can about my current job role as twilight supervisor and to learn how to manage my team. In the future I hope to achieve as much as I can. The sky’s the limit!”

Looking ahead into the future, Trish Crichton commented:

“The success of the Apprenticeship scheme in Smiths News operations has generated interest in NVQs and apprenticeships for other areas of the business. The Smiths News Talent Team is currently researching the feasibility of extending the range of NVQs and apprenticeships and making these available across the business.”

"This apprenticeship scheme has given me the confidence boost I needed to further my career in Smiths News."