Our responsibilities

At Smiths News, we believe that it’s important to play our part in doing the right thing.

We set ourselves annual Corporate Responsibility goals in four key areas: community, environment, workplace and marketplace.

Our focus on these spheres help us to take a lead in operating responsibly – helping to support a sustainable future for our industry

We take our Corporate Responsibility seriously. We’re always striving for excellence in this area, and consistently achieve the ambitious targets we set ourselves".

Jonathan Bunting

Chief Executive Officer

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By ensuring a diverse print media is delivered to even the most remote places in England and Wales, we are already providing an important service to the population.

But we want to do more to help other people, which is why we give all our staff time to become involved in good works. For example, our literacy schemes, in which Smiths News employees visit schools and libraries to engender a love of reading among young people, are improving lives on a daily basis.”


We want Smiths News to help communities flourish. So wherever our operations are based, we encourage staff to do their bit for society.


We recognise that our people are our greatest asset, and do all that we can to encourage and support them in their careers.


We recycle 99 per cent of our newspaper and magazine returns, helping to minimise our impact on the environment.


We’re committed to working with other organisations in developing and sharing best practice, so that the whole market operates in a transparent and ethical way.