We want Smiths News to help communities flourish. So wherever our operations are based, we encourage staff to do their bit for society.

Whatever an employee wishes to do in the service of others, our Community Link-Up programme provides them with the time to do it. That can involve volunteering to run a local Scout troop, or giving time to visit the elderly. Alternatively, it could take the form of training for a charity run, or helping out at a home for people with disabilities. The possibilities really are endless.

We run a number of charity events to enthuse and empower staff in pursuing good works. So whether it’s a cake sale to raise money for charity or a sponsored mountain walk, we give our people all the support they need to make things happen.

Our literacy schemes enable staff to visit schools and libraries and work alongside specialists in helping young people develop their reading skills. These have proved very successful, and are something that we are proud to have played a part in setting up.

Whatever we do, we want to improve the lives of people around us. Thanks to our culture of helping others, we believe we make a positive contribution to community life up and down the country.

Pass It On

Pass It On is a Smiths News charitable initiative which started with the idea that we might be able to help some of the homeless vulnerable people who we see on the streets at night.

Within weeks we had a team of enthusiastic volunteers and a target of sourcing 500 items of quality warm clothing and sleeping bags.  As it turned out, that first year over 1000 items were donated - enough to visit 12 UK cities and help hundreds of homeless people over the winter period.

The response from colleagues and business partners has continued to grow.

Since then Pass It On has helped over 4000 homeless and vulnerable people in the UK, providing warm clothes, sleeping bags, toiletries, hot drinks and food, and just as importantly a friendly face to have a conversation with.

Thanks to the generosity of our individual and corporate supporters what started off as a small campaign to help has now grown to become a registered charity.

Pass it On is not a political or lobbying organisation; we don’t spend money on wider campaigns which others are better placed to pursue. Rather, we focus on practical and friendly support that makes an immediate difference to those thousands of people who for whatever reason are living on the streets.

We’ve come a long way in five years – and plan to go even further.