We recognise that our people are our greatest asset, and do all that we can to encourage and support them in their careers.

Many Smiths News staff have long-service records, developing a deep knowledge of our industry during their years with the company. That is because we nurture talent at every level, and help those with potential to pursue a fulfilling and varied career path. The result is a committed workforce, which always goes the extra mile to serve our customers.

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

The Government requires UK businesses with 250+ employees to publish their Gender Pay Gap Reporting (GPGR) statistics as at 5th April 2017, and then annually thereafter. To read Smiths News’s Gender Pay Gap Report please click the link below.

Gender Pay Gap Report

Improving our Workplace

A proactive approach to Health and Safety ensures that our employees, and everyone they come into contact with, know how to minimise the risk of an accident.”

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By providing a safe environment in which to work, we show our staff how much their wellbeing matters to us. 

Health and Safety is owned at the highest level of Smiths News, with the Board and Executive taking a hands-on role in monitoring performance. We have an online reporting portal that enables us to keep track of incidents, as well as managing audits and risk assessments. This helps keep accidents to a minimum – a state of affairs that is reinforced through regular Health and Safety training across the workforce.

Helping you to develop

We’re committed to our people, and give them every opportunity to flourish. That way, we build a loyal and committed workforce, delivering market-leading standards of service and expertise.”

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Whatever your aspirations for the future, a career at Smiths News can help you to achieve them. As a large and complex organisation, we provide a wealth of opportunity for ambitious people. We work hard to identify and nurture talent at every level of the business.