Our strategy

We’re an ambitious company, with a clear focus on our core market and being the very best at what we do. We currently have a 55 per cent share of the UK newspaper and magazine market, and we’re working hard to ensure we continue to secure cost efficiencies with an operating model that’s underpinned by long term partnerships.

Smiths News is rich in heritage but we always look to the future, constantly seeking to add value and provide solutions for our client publishers and retail customers. We plan to strengthen our leading position by offering ancillary services that further enhance our core skills and capabilities. This focus on excellence and improvement has always been central to our strategy – and it remains so today.

"As the market leader in newspaper and magazine wholesaling our strategy is all about focusing on what we do best, working closely with our supply chain partners to deliver great service for all our stakeholders."

Jonathan Bunting

Chief Executive Officer

Where we've come from

When Henry Walton Smith set up his first newspaper round in 1792, he couldn’t have imagined that his business would one day become the world’s leading newspaper and magazine wholesaler.

By 1850 the business – by then known as WH Smith - was recognised as the principal newspaper wholesaler in the country, a title we keep to this day.  WHSmith grew in the 20th century, becoming one of the UK’s best-known high street retaiers, but newspaper and magazine wholesaling remained an important and successful part of the business.

In 2006, Smiths News demerged from WHSmith Plc becoming a separate listed company on the London Stock Exchange.

Where we're going

Our strategy remains much the same as it always has been – to efficiently meet the needs of our customers through a combination of leading service, unmatched efficiency and continual improvement in productivity.

We recognise the challenges of operating in a mature market and continue to plan on the basis of a gradual reduction in core sales although we believe the market will remain large and relatively stable for the foreseeable future.

Our industry and our leading position in newspaper and magazine wholesaling provides us with a clear focus for delivering value to all our stakeholders.

Market positioning