Corporate News Distribution

Newspaper and magazine retail delivery services for UK companies, courtesy of Martin-Lavell Ltd

Martin-Lavell Ltd is a leading corporate news distributor, supplying newspapers and magazines to corporate and public sector customers in London for the last 50 years.

Since 2013, the company has incorporated operations in Birmingham and Stockport to become a UK-wide provider to sectors such as broadcasting, marketing, finance, hotels and legal.

The company delivers 300,000 titles per month to 10,000 departments and increasingly also supplies adjacent products such as milk, tea and coffee.


Trusted corporate delivery service

Martin-Lavell Ltd supplies more than 1,200 businesses throughout the UK, serving major companies across a diverse range of sectors.  The company is proud to service major industry players including:

• Channel 4
• Precise Media
• The Economist
• Cote Restaurants

In addition, Martin-Lavell supplies city councils, libraries and national embassies with daily deliveries, 364 days of the year.


What we offer

Our expertise and friendliness make us the preferred supplier of choice for many leading organisations.  Today, we’re building on our excellent reputation for corporate news delivery with a range of digital media solutions and adjacent products for the office.  Key services include:

Corporate News Delivery
• Early morning office deliveries
• Labelled bundles
• Business support
• Timely and accurate
• Full title range

Subscription Management
• Full subscription management service
• Proactive renewal process
• Charged via consolidated invoice
• Print & digital

• Pressreader corporate hotspot subscriptions
• Over 3,000 digital titles
• IP authenticated
• Internet & application

Catering Range
• Country Life Milk*
• Office catering essentials – tea, coffee & juice
• Monday to Friday
• Standing order
• Charged via consolidated invoice

* Subject to Region


"We are the Evening Standard’s chosen partner for back-dated copies and postal subscriptions – supplying information libraries, media agencies and consumers based outside of the capital’’ Darren Spratt, General Manager

Find out more

Martin-Lavell has been partnering with the London Evening Standard to supply back dated editions of the publication for many years. Copies can be delivered to existing customers on their standard rounds, or posted out on a one-off basis anywhere in the world.

By outsourcing to Martin-Lavell Ltd, The London Evening Standard no longer has to set-aside dedicated space to house the archive, safe in the knowledge that reader requests will be fulfilled quickly and efficiently.

Customers can open an account for regular orders, or pay on a one-off basis by credit card, for more information, call 0845 123 8433 or email:

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