What other services do we offer?

Alongside our standard offer, we provide a suite of solutions that help retailers maximise their profit from newspapers and magazines.

We can leverage additional services from our subsidiary companies including Instore field marketing  and Rascal Systems, helping to make retailing print media a highly rewarding experience.


"Within two weeks of having a range unit installed for promotional titles we soon saw its value. We then decided to invest in 4.8 metres of multi-tiered racking. To date, we’ve seen our magazine sales grow to an increase of approximately 24 per cent above what we were taking before the multiple outlets opened.”

Kevin Shovelar

owner of Sweetmarket

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A compelling offer for independent retailers, helping them maximise sales and enhance profitability.

  • EPoS-based solutions, where available: For retailers who can supply a daily EPoS feed, we offer Sales-Based Replenishment, deciding tomorrow’s allocation of magazines on the basis of today’s sales.
  • KPIs: Providing our customers with clear expectations concerning our performance.
  • Customer Service:Dedicated UK based customer service teams available, online and via our four customer contact centres.
  • Instore field marketing: Advice on merchandising newspaper and magazine stock to maximise sales.
  • Rascal Systems: Automated recording of deliveries and returns, helping to enhance accuracy, reduce paperwork and minimise waste.
  • Premier Club: An exclusive club for the nation’s top 3,000 independent retailers, offering exclusive promotions, and helping to drive sales.
  • Fixtures and fittings: We help retailers arrange their stores to maximise sales, helping with all aspects of magazine and newspaper display.
  • Connect 2 U: Manage magazine and newspapers online, with our purpose-built website.


"Smiths News have continued to improve their service offer and adding value to Rippleglen over the past few years, consistently bringing a fresh insight into the news category, highlighting areas of opportunities and generally supporting our business during a very challenging period of time for the news industry”

Scott Partridge

News and Services Manager, Rippleglen Ltd.

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Top quality service from a business that knows its industry. We help multiples stock what they need, where they need it, and provide automated systems to enhance efficiency.

  • EPoS-based solutions: Sales-Based Replenishment for magazines, based on daily sales feeds from in-store EPoS systems, ensuring minimum waste and the best possible use of shelf space.
  • KPIs: Clearly communicated performance objectives, and regular reporting on how they are met.
  • Customer service: Dedicated customer service, from the biggest name in newspaper and magazine distribution.
  • Instore field marketing: Advice for your staff on merchandising newspaper and magazine stock, to maximise sales.
  • Rascal Systems: Automated recording of deliveries and returns, ensuring accuracy and minimising waste.


"Prepare for seasonal fluctuations in demand, with our well-informed market analysis.”

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  • Data analysis: We monitor the market, identifying trends and accurately forecasting shifts in demand. With our expertise, your business can prepare for the changing seasons, taking full advantage of opportunities for growth.
  • InStore field marketing: Advice on seasonal merchandising, helping to enhance sales.
  • Premier Club: Seasonal promotions for club members, giving them every incentive to increase sales.